Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014 Spring is really here! And my sinuses are definitely letting me know it...

Hey everyone!

So, spring is definitely here and I love it! Except for the part where I get allergies and my sinuses decide to drain... All week long I've had sinus drainage and my throat is loving it... NOT! Can't wait for when the blossoms start to bloom now. But anyway, my week was pretty good. Conference was soooo good this weekend! I loved it :). It was kind of funny because just on Friday we were talking to a ward member and a lot of the things talked about in conference we talked about with her. That helped me to know that the conference talks were truly inspired!

Sister Hanson and Sister Davis at Philadelphia Temple site

Like I said, my week has been pretty good, although it was kind of a roller coaster week with our investigators. First of all, Femi didn't get baptized yesterday due to a disagreement with his wife over abortion as well as some visa issues. Femi still has a strong desire to be baptized as well as a testimony, but he doesn't want to cause a problem with his wife by being baptized when his wife asked him not to at this time. His wife's visa was rejected and so it's looking like his family won't be able to make it to the US until maybe June now rather than the end of this month. We believe that he may not be baptized now until his family makes it to the states. He knows the church is true and he told us that this church is what he has been looking for since last July! We're going to stay in contact with him though and still hopefully teach him.

We also found out this week that Manuela has gone through a really hard loss of a family member these past couple of weeks. However, we would have never known if she wouldn't have told us because of how strong she has been and she hasn't even shown her mourning. We also found out that she read 1 and 2 Nephi all in one night! She is also trying to keep all of the commandments and "rules" that we have. She is doing awesome!

Thursday night we had a great lesson with Chris (who is another investigator we have who I only met a week and a half ago). We talked about the nature of God with him and helped him to see that God is an actual being and not just a ball of energy, as he was taught growing up in the Catholic Church. We talked to him the next day and he told us that he actually remembered to pray that night (he has been forgetting to pray) and he received an answer to his prayer that day! We're supposed to have a church tour with him tomorrow so hopefully that will help him with a desire to come to church.

Sister Hanson, Lucy, Moira, Jack and Sister Davis at Rocky statue in Philly

Friday night we had a ward activity and one of our members brought a lady that he met just about a half hour before the activity! He said that their daughters knew each other from school and so that got them talking. He found out that Ebony, the lady, is looking for a church and so he invited her to the activity and she came! We talked to her briefly and she said that she is interested in learning about our beliefs. We're going to call her tonight to try and set up a time to teach her.

That's about it for my highlights this week! I hope you all have a wonderful week! :)

Love you all!
Sister Davis :)

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