Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014 Happy Easter!

Hey everyone!

Happy Easter!... A day late. I hope you had a great Easter though! Mine was pretty good. We started it off with an awesome day at church. First, Femi was confirmed and then we had an awesome Sunday School lesson on the Holy Week. Then we had Easter dinner at a ward member's home with their family. That was fun :)

Happy Easter

As you may have already seen on my Facebook page, we had a mini missionary this weekend. Her name is Sister Dunbar and she is only sixteen! She is from one of the Philadelphia wards, so she wasn't too far from home, but we had a fun time. Since we don't have any investigators at the moment, she wasn't able to sit in a real missionary lesson, but she was able to see some door approaches for meeting potential investigators, do some service, and sit in on a less active lesson. She says that she wants to serve a mission only after spending three days with us, so that's good! I guess Sister Hanson and I didn't scare her or corrupt her too badly.

Sisters Davis and Hanson with mini missionary Sister Dunbar

Earlier this week Sister Hanson and I were out trying to contact some potentials. It was raining earlier in the morning, but by the time we were going to head out it was only misting a little bit. So, I decided that since we would be walking I didn't want to carry around my umbrella... Bad idea. About fifteen minutes into our journey, making it halfway across town, the rain started to pick up. Then a few minutes later it decided to down pour! We were soaked! Everything we had on was drenched! We decided that we should probably go home and change because no one would want to let us in sopping wet. It actually turned out to be a funny experience. Sister Hanson and I laughed the whole way home.  

Caught in the rain

The rest of my week consisted of finding people, service, a couple of Skype lessons with Femi, and a less active lesson. Not really anything too exciting.

The Because of Him social media take over was pretty cool this week. I actually had ideas for things I could post on Facebook. I loved the video that the church produced for it! It was so awesome and we felt it was a non threatening way to get the word out. We showed it to a couple potential investigators and to a lot of ward members. I heard by the middle of the week it had 2 million views on YouTube! That is awesome! I sure hope you had the opportunity to see it. But anyway, I really liked being able to focus on the Savior throughout the week and the true meaning of Easter. I learned a lot about this whole Holy Week, like the events that took place on each day that I didn't know before, and a deeper, greater appreciation for the Atonement and Resurrection. It was also cool to be out here with all the different religions and their traditions.

This morning Sister Hanson and I went over to a member's home to try her T25 workout video (which is like P90x but condensed into 25 minutes). It was intense but such a good workout. We both commented afterwards that we felt so much more healthy and happy. Sister Hanson and I have been joking about doing "six months to sexy" a few months early, but at the same time we were serious, too, haha! So last week we bought a whole bunch of fruit and vegetables and have been trying to
eat healthier. Once our six month mark hits, we're going to try to cut out all sugar and I'm going to try bread. We'll see if I can actually do it, but I really want to. So, for the rest of my mission, please don't send me candy unless I ask for it, ha. Thanks!

Well, that's about it for my week. I hope you have a great week! Can't wait to talk to you in a couple if weeks! I love you! :)

Sister Davis

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