Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014 What a Crazy Week!

Hey everyone!

So, this week has been an interesting one. We've done a lot of finding and we found three new investigators (with the help of our zone leaders)! But that's not really the interesting part. The interesting/crazy part happened earlier this week when we were supposed to take our car to Broomall to have it fixed.

So, Elder Jones, the vehicle coordinator, set up an appointment for our car to be fixed on Tuesday. When we asked him what time he said 'whenever.' So, we just put it into our schedule later in the afternoon because that worked best for miles. Little did we know (we should have just expected this) that the auto body shop wanted our car first thing in the morning. Around eleven they called Elder Jones to ask where we were, so he then called us but we were out tracting and didn't have our phone on us. Then we drove back to Sister Rothey's house and she wanted to take us out for lunch and we forgot to check our phone. When we got back from lunch with Sister Rothey we checked our phone.

We had six missed calls from Elder Jones, one from President Anderson and a text from him, and one from our zone leaders and a text from them as well. Elder Jones had also called the hospitals in the surrounding area, the police, and sent our zone leaders to go over to check out apartment to make sure we hadn't died from carbon monoxide poisoning! Apparently Elder Jones thought that we had died because we weren't answering our phone for a few hours and we never returned his call. He was relieved though when we finally called him back. However, he still seemed a little flustered.

Sister Hanson and Sister Davis with Sister and Elder Smuin

We rushed down to Broomall and we didn't hear the end of it from the office missionaries... They were all very worried. I'm glad to know that we are loved and they were glad that we were okay. After talking about it with Elder Jones, we rushed over to the auto body shop and found out that our car would need to stay over night because it couldn't be fixed until the morning! Now we had no way to get home and to get to the appointment we had that night! Long story short, we ended up taking our car home and bringing it back the next morning to be fixed. Lesson learned... never leave your phone in the car ha.

To add more craziness to our week, our sister training leaders decided to double in on Wednesday and so did our zone leaders on Saturday, both of which we had no idea until the night before. Now, normally this isn't a problem, unless you find out the night before! (They tried to tell us the week before, but we never got their text or FB message.) This meant that we had to double plan for our days and so planning took a lot longer than it should! We also had to get a new phone this week and so we were without a phone for a day while our zone leaders took it Broomall and brought back our new one. (Of course, the one time that we need to get a hold of someone and we can't!) What a crazy week!

Member baptism

Besides the craziness, we had some miracles this week. One of them us that we have three new investigators! We're teaching one of them tonight. Saturday, there was a baptism that we attended for a member's daughter. She is the only member in her family and so some of her nonmember family were there. Yesterday in church she told us that her mom, who she has never got along with and is very strong in her faith, really enjoyed her time here and the baptism. She said that she has never felt so welcome in her church and she has been there for a really long time! Her mom is also starting to ask her questions about the church! How awesome is that?

We also found out that people notice us walking around Phoenixville. The zone leaders tracted into some people that would say “Oh, yeah, we've seen those girls walking around.” It's good to know that we're noticed!

Valley Forge District

Okay, so for calling on Mother's Day, I don't have any info yet. I'll probably hear the info this week during our conference call, but I'm going to assume that we can Skype on our iPads. Hopefully next week I'll have more info!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you :)

Sister Davis

P.S. Congrats Josh and Kels on your graduation and the house! So exciting. Oh and please tell Chad and Becca congrats too! Thanks :)

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