Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013 Lots of Change!

Hey everyone!

So, this past week, we've had a lot of change. To start off the leaves had a dramatic change around here and the colors are sooo pretty! Secondly, we found out on Wednesday that by December every missionary in this mission will have an iPad and every companionship will have an iPhone! We'll use Skype and Facetime on our iPads for proselyting purposes. We can also use our iPads to Skype home for Christmas! We'll also have all of our paperwork stuff on our iPads--like our area books, progress records, planners, etc.--which is so awesome! I cannot wait I'm so excited! And especially to be part of this big change. Oh, and President Anderson also said that we will be the first mission in the Northeast to have these iPads and iPhones. Cool, cool!

Fall Leaves in Pennsylvania

Wednesday night was our ward's trunk-or-treat. It was fun to be able to see all of the little kids in their Halloween costumes and the little games they had. They even had a haunted house in the "basement" of our church. (They added on to this building and built classrooms in the basement.) It was even awesome to see some of the less actives at this activity!

Thursday for Halloween we had to be in at 6 pm. Since we live in a house we decided that we should pass out candy taped to pass along cards. It was fun. We also just had a "girls" night which was so fun and very needed.

Friday we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders. I stayed in our area and Sister Whitaker went to their area. Sister Argueta came up here with me and we had a great time. Sister Argueta is originally from Guatemala, but she moved to California when she was eight. So, she speaks Spanish which is so helpful in this area! I took Sister Argueta down to Reading for the day and she loved it! She spoke to about three people in Spanish and it was awesome! I definitely need to learn Spanish. 

Sister Davis and Sister Whitaker at the Pagoda overlooking Reading

Saturday we switched back and then Sister Whitaker and I went to Bernville to visit Joe and Joyce. Joe and Joyce are an older couple who were introduced to us by a member in our ward. Joe and Joyce have a very strong belief in Christ and I believe are Baptist. They even have a cousin who is Mormon, so they know a little about the Mormons. (I think the member who introduced us has told Joe a little about the Mormons as well.) They are such a cute friendly couple and they even bought us a cake. We started to teach the Message of the Restoration with them. Eventually we got to explaining the Book of Mormon and invited Joyce to read it. She said she would and we left a copy for Joe. (Joe was taking a little nap.) Before we left, we invited them to come to church on Sunday and they said they would. They are so cute, and the entire time we were teaching them I could see them as cute little temple workers.

Yesterday, guess who came to church! Yup, you guessed it! Joe and Joyce did as well as Mocha! Before sacrament meeting started, Joyce told us that she flipped open to a place in the Book of Mormon (I believe it's Moroni 8) where it talks about infant baptism. She agreed with the entire thing! She also said that she wanted us to come back again on Thursday and she wants to take us out to eat. Love her!

Unfortunately, Mocha will not be getting baptized next week. He's having a hard time understanding the Book of Mormon and he says that he hasn't received an answer to be baptized yet. We're working with him though :).

We weren't able to see Nicole this week and I tried to message her on Facebook but she never responded. We did catch Diana though this week and she seems to be doing well. She had the SAT yesterday so she was focused more on studying for that this week than the Book of Mormon. She said she would start reading again. 

Sounds like everything is going well back home. There hasn't been snow here yet, but I think it may be on its way soon! It is super cold today. Hope you are all doing well! Love you all so very much! Thank you for all you do!

Sister Davis :)

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