Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

Hey family!

It sounds like you are doing well and having fun. Time is flying by so fast! Can you believe that I'll be out 5 months on Tuesday? Crazy! And by the end of this transfer I'll be almost to my 6 month mark! 

This coming weekend we have Stake Conference. And guess where we're going to have it? We're having it in Muhlenburg High School. I think this is kinda interesting since the building I attend is our stake center. (Muhlenburg High School is just a couple of blocks away from the church.) I also think it kind of interesting having it in a high school.  

This past week was kind of a long week, but somehow we had really good key indicator numbers. (I actually really dislike key indicators even though I know they help keep things organized. To me, sometimes we become more focused on numbers than we do people; especially with lesson numbers.) Sometimes our hardest weeks seem to be our best. It also doesn't help that I ended this week with a head/sinus cold...  Not fun at all. Especially with it being super cold outside now, too!

Sister twins! This is what happens when you live
 with someone 24/7 - you start dressing alike!

This week we were able to see Mocha 3 times! We saw him on our usual Monday night and we invited him to institute on Wednesday night. (The Young Single Adult branch has Institute at the Kohrman's house who live in our ward.) He said he would come to Institute if he could get a ride because he doesn't have a car. Amazingly we found him a ride with one of the guys in the YSA branch and they seemed to get along pretty well. As we got into the lesson, Mocha participated a lot and had some awesome insights on 2 Nephi 4. He definitely is beginning to understand that Book of Mormon! He said that he liked institute and that if he could get a ride next week he would come again. The third time we saw him was on Friday night. We asked him some of the baptismal interview questions that night just so we could get a feel for where he was at and if he was stuck anywhere. We found out that he's a little stuck on Joseph Smith, so we explained a little and gave him 2 Nephi 3 to read. We're going to meet with him again tonight so we'll follow up with that. He also told us on Friday night that he received an answer that he needs to be baptized! He's not sure when, but he thinks not for a while. But, he still received an answer!! Also, we found on that he's moving this weekend to the other ward...  He says he'll live with Elisia on the weekends and Monday nights so we can still teach him and go to church with Elisia. We're not entirely sure how this is all going to work out, but for now we're still going to teach him. Unfortunately, he didn't make it to church yesterday. He said he had practice for America's Got Talent. (Watch for Mocha when it comes on again.)

We also didn't get to meet with Joe and Joyce this week because Joyce fell down the stairs and hurt her foot. We've had a lot of appointments fall through this week, so we've had to think on toes A LOT this week. 

Like I said, it was a long week. Not too much to report this week. Sheila did make it to church yesterday, though, and her daughter came too! Sheila is still making great progress and she said the she would like to go to the temple soon. :)

I hope you are all doing well! I love you all. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Sister Davis

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