Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013 BAPTISM!!!

Hey family!

Yup, you read that right: David (my investigator from Doylestown) got baptized yesterday, and I got to attend. It was so awesome to be able to go back for his baptism and he seemed very happy :). 

I'm not sure exactly how he decided he needed to be baptized, but I guess he kept thinking about it more and more and then he finally told his wife that he wanted to be baptized. His wife said that she was fine with it, if that's what he wanted to do. So, I guess he told someone in the ward or someone in the ward invited him to be baptized. I'm not entirely sure what the story is there, but it doesn't really matter to me. What matters to me is that after seven years of investigating the church, David finally got baptized and is on the path to eternal life and the celestial kingdom! 
Sister Davis and Sister Jensen return to Doylestown for David's baptism

It was such a blessing and a miracle that I was even able to go. First of all I didn't even find out until Friday when I was on Facebook that Sister Whitaker pointed out a post from one of the elders in my previous district. As soon as I found out David was getting baptized, I immediately called President Anderson and asked for permission to go. He gave me permission to go, but I needed to find a member to take me because mission cars aren't supposed to leave the area unless it's for transfers, zone things, or some other important mission related thing. I was a little nervous to ask someone just because that's my personality--I don't like asking people to go out of their way to do things like that for me. Plus, we would have to leave church half an hour early to get there in time. So I worked up the courage to ask Sister Pogue, and luckily she loves us enough that she was willing to take Sister Whitaker and me to Doylestown yesterday. I love Sister Pogue! 

What a blessing and miracle-filled day it was yesterday. Best day ever!

Saturday was another miracle day... especially after a long week of not being to find people at home... Saturday we caught Nicole and Diana (investigators) at home and taught both of them a lesson! This was amazing because Nicole is always busy doing something and Diana has been super busy, too For awhile her Facebook account was deactivated, so we had no way to contact her. So many tender mercies! 

Monday night we went to Elisia's house for dinner and to teach Mocha. When we got there Elisia asked if we eat salmon. Instantly my stomach dropped and I thought it was going to be a long meal, but I liked the fish taco I had in Doylestown, so I decided to try the salmon. (Funny thing, people out here add the "L" in salmon.) However, this fish tasted like fish and I didn't really like it. Don't worry though, I was polite and I ate it all. 

I've also decided this week that I really should have learned Spanish. More than half of Reading is Latino and only speak Spanish which is kind of difficult sometimes... I've also been inspired to learn ASL though. Sister Pogue is taking an ASL class from RACC and it looks so cool.

As for transfers, everyone except my district leader, Elder Stannard, is staying. 

Reading District missionaries

Mom, your talk was so good! I loved that you talked about member missionary work! It is soooo true though! We cannot do much without the members.

It has been so cold this past week! I'm not ready for winter yet!

That's it for my week. Hope you're all doing well! Love you all so very much! :)

Sister Davis

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