Monday, November 18, 2013

November 18, 2013 Guess what? It's 70 degrees!

Hey family!

That's right! Today it is a B-E-A-U-tiful 70 degree sunny day and I love it! This whole weekend has been so warm. I haven't even needed a jacket :). This has been such a drastic change from earlier this past week when it was 35-40 degrees with the cold wind blowing... That was not very fun. I even pulled out my winter coat on Wednesday because it was so cold. 

This week I've had some pretty tender mercies. First of all, Wednesday when I pulled out my winter coat I was sticking my gloves in my pocket and I found the little heart note stuffed in my pocket. Thanks mom. I definitely needed that that day :). 

Secondly, Thursday was kind of a rough day and our sister training leaders took both of us out for ice cream and just talked to us a little after. It was really good to talk to them. Even though they didn't do anything to change the work, just talking with someone who understood helped a lot. Also that night I came home to a package from Aunt Diane and Uncle Blair! 

Saturday was kind of an interesting day. First off it started with a tender mercy. On Saturday mornings, the Jehovah Witnesses are usually out on Schuylkill Ave. in Reading, and we had planned to see some investigators and referrals there on Saturday morning. This was not the best idea for a Saturday morning because no one answers the door because of the JW's, but we weren't thinking of that when we planned on Friday night. So, long story short, the first couple of people we tried to contact didn't answer the door, even though we could tell they were home. When we went to see someone else, I said the prayer before leaving our car and I asked Heavenly Father for us to contact someone. And guess what! He answered my prayer! David, an investigator that the elders found for us, answered the door. We talked to him for a little bit and found that he wasn't really interested... However, I wasn't discouraged because Heavenly Father had answered my prayer and I needed that tender mercy then.

The other sisters had a baptism on Saturday so we attended that and our investigator Sol was there. Right before we went to the baptism, we decided to 5x5 around the church. At the first house we went to, there was a sign on the door that said, "Please use back door for services and deliveries." Since we weren't delivering anything and we were not a service, we just assumed that we would be okay to go to the front door. Bad idea... An old grumpy man opened the door and began yelling at us. He called us a bunch of dummies and some other choice words and told us to get off of his porch. As we were leaving I was choking back tears and some angry thoughts, but I told myself that Jesus loves him and that I should love him too. I got over that quickly and I didn't really have any hard feelings towards him. It was amazing. However, Sister Whitaker didn't take it very well so we just walked back to the church and went to the baptism instead.

Stake conference was really good. President and Sister Anderson talked at both the adult session and just the regular session. The theme was hastening the work and members and missionaries working together. I am so grateful that people in this area listen to the Spirit! We've had two referrals given to us since yesterday and we had a member come with us to an appointment last night! I really hope that the members will keep this up!

That's about it for my week. I hope you are all doing well and I hope you have an awesome week!

Service Day - Raking fall leaves

Sister Davis

P.S.  We also went leaf raking on Thursday as a finding effort. We didn't find anyone, but it felt great to be able to serve some people :) 

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