Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013 Miracles Really Do Happen!

Hey family!

This week was actually pretty good. We did a lot of tracting, but we also had a miracle this week! On Friday Sister Whitaker and I were out trying to see some potentials, less actives, and 5x5ing (which is a form of tracting). Unfortunately, no less actives were home, our potentials were busy, and we weren't finding anyone who was interested. So, Sister Whitaker suggested we go sit down on a bench at a park so we could figure something out since all of our plans that we had made fell through. As we sat down, a guy walked past us and asked us if we had just come from church. We told him that we were Mormon Missionaries. He came over and sat by us and asked us if we had any pamphlets or anything that he could read that would tell him what we believe. We gave him a Mormon.org card and a Message of the Restoration pamphlet. We started to teach him about the Restoration and then we lead into talking about the Book of Mormon. Estevon (the guy) said that he had downloaded an app on his phone that had the Bible and the Book of Mormon on it before, but he never read through the Book of Mormon. He thought that maybe this was a sign that he needed to learn more and read the Book of Mormon. He told us that he was interested in learning more and that he would come to church if he was still in Reading (he lives in Allentown but is moving to Reading). 

Estevon texted us on Sunday and told us that he was back in Allentown, and so he wouldn't be able to make it to church. He did say though that he has questions and would like to meet with us this week so we can answer his questions in person! This was a miracle especially after a long week of tracting and trying to find those whom He is preparing for us. 

Another miracle happened this week. On Saturday, we met with a less active named Shelia and she's from Jamaica! Shelia knows that she needs to change and that she is missing something in her life. We told her that she was missing the gospel in her life and encouraged/invited her to come to church, read the Book of Mormon, and pray. She hasn't been coming to church because she works on Sunday and she also didn't feel very welcome in this ward, I guess. Shelia knew though that she needed to come to church again and have the gospel apart of her life again. The miracle part of this was she actually came to church yesterday! Though she had to work yesterday, she still made the effort to come to sacrament meeting! 

Sister Missionaries in Reading before Thankful Meal
We also met with another lady in our ward who is from Haiti. Her mom actually has a really cool story. Her mom was the first member of the church in her village and was kicked out for becoming a member. I don't remember how long it was until she received a prompting to go back to her village and preach the gospel, but she acted on the prompting, and as a result there were about 25 baptisms! How neat is that?! After we visited with them, she offered to feed us. We weren't planning on being fed by her and so we had eaten lunch just before coming over. However, we accepted her invitation and were able to try Haitian food which is actually pretty good. That night we went to the Relief Society Broadcast which was awesome! I can't wait for conference this weekend!

We've also been trying to build relationships with the ward members this week so we can build those relationships of trust. The members are awesome in this ward, and I'm excited to get to know more of them. Last night we ate at the Pierson home and they had their special "Thankful Meal" with us. This Thankful Meal consisted of no utensils and garbage bags placed over our body including our arms. So, basically we lost all of our manners and ate our food like a dog would eat his food. I was pretty nervous about this at first, but then I just went for it. It took a while to be able to eat all of my food, but it ended up being really fun and I'm pretty sure I burned off all of the calories I was eating by trying to eat my food! Sister Pierson said she would get us pictures next week. So I'll send pictures next week! The Piersons are a fun family. Also this week, we stopped by the Pogues just to get to know them and they fed us! This ward is awesome! I love this area :).

That's about it for over here. I hope to hear from you guys next week! Love you all!

Sister Davis

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