Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013 I can't believe it! Two transfers down and I'm in a new area!

Hey everyone!

So, I know you are all dying to know where I've been transferred to... Well, I have been transferred to Reading, PA (pronounced "redding"). My area is Reading 1st West and I'm a missionary in the Reading 1st ward. I am also opening up this area meaning both my companion and I are new to this area and we're starting from scratch with our area book (no potentials or anything). Luckily there are elders that have been here so they know the area and have some people they want us to see. The missionaries that have been here before have had the entire Reading 1st ward boundaries as their area, but now they've split it into three areas! So, there are three sets of missionaries in this ward and it is so awesome but kinda different, too! 

Sister Davis and new companion Sister Whitaker
My new companion is Sister Whitaker from Riverton, UT and she is so cute. She also has brown curly hair like me. We have a lot in common and we get along really well. She has been out for 6 months now and she was in Harrington, Delaware before here. We are living in a house right now, which is awesome! A member in this ward bought the house for the missionaries to live in. How neat is that? We also live with another set of sisters, Sister Hyatt and Sister Handy, and they are opening the Reading 1st East area. So, it's nice to have them going through the same adventure that we are. Elder Stannard and Elder Eldredge are the elders and my district leader that have been in the Reading 1st ward and still are. I guess their area is now considered Reading 1st South. It has been an interesting couple of days trying to figure out new boundaries and getting to know the area. We only have one car and so both the sister companionships are sharing the car. This is also going to be interesting figuring out how we're going to share it... Lots of walking in this area.

So some fun facts about Reading:

Apparently Taylor Swift grew up in Reading. The Reading Railroad like in the game Monopoly is right by my house! I'll get pictures to you soon of that. That's about all I know now. 

Downtown Reading reminds me of a mini Philly just because of the row homes and how culturally diverse it is there. My ward is also very diverse and I love it! I finally feel like I'm in Pennsylvania. (The Doylestown ward was just white people.) The Bishop and Relief Society President are awesome in this ward! The Bishop definitely knows his role for holding the keys of missionary work in this ward. Now, hopefully, we'll start to build trust with the members so we can receive referrals from them! I'm really excited for this new ward and area! The elders said that they have baptized 9 people and have seen a lot of miracles, so I'm hoping we'll start to see some miracles too!

So getting up here on Wednesday was quite the adventure. At first we didn't have a car because the car we were supposed to have was Elder Stannard and Elder Eldredge's, but they wrecked theirs the week before... So, Elder Smuin wasn't sure that we would be going to Reading that night and that we might have had to stay at the mission home. Luckily, though, he found a car and so we started to pack all of our luggage up. Then we found out that we were sharing a car with Sister Hyatt and Sister Handy and so we had to unload all of our luggage and pack an overnight bag (literally a garbage bag) for three days until the service elders could bring our luggage to us! We were able to fit all of our bedding in the car though (including my memory foam) and some other things we needed. I wish you could have seen our car haha. It was pretty packed. So we finally made it to Reading and we went straight to the church to meet Elder Stannard and Elder Eldredge. After mapping with them for hours we finally arrived at our house. Sister Hyatt and Sister Handy were given a dinner appointment by the elders and so Sister Whitaker and I were left to find something for dinner. Because the elders moved out, they raided the cupboards and fridge so we hardly had any food. Fortunately, though, we found a small box of shells and cheese that didn't require any butter or milk or anything so I didn't starve that night! Oh and there were only two decent beds and the third is missing a frame and the mattress is pretty sunk in in the middle. So, Sister Whitaker and I have the beds and Sister Handy and Sister Hyatt are sleeping on the couch and the floor. I'm glad that I brought my memory foam, though, because I'm letting Sister Hyatt borrow it while she's sleeping on the floor. Hopefully tomorrow the beds will arrive. They brought us our luggage on Friday night, but no beds. Oh and there are only two desks in the house so Sister Whitaker and I are studying at the kitchen table. And of course there is only one bathroom... 
Sisters Whitaker, Davis, Handy & Hyatt

It has been quite the adventure, but I love all of these sisters and we get along great. The elders have also been very kind and helpful! I am super excited to be serving here right now and I can't wait until I start seeing miracles!

I hope you are all doing well! I love you!

Sister Davis :)

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