Monday, October 21, 2013

October 21, 2013 What a Week!

Hey family!

So I'm emailing earlier than usual this week due to zone unity day, so I haven't received any emails yet. But anyway, this week was awesome! To start off, we got three new investigators this week! One came from a referral that the Spanish elders gave us, and the other two are the kids of a less active person in our ward.

Diana, our first new investigator, is a 17-year old high school senior who enjoys learning about religion and wanted to learn more about ours. So, we contacted her on Monday and we set up an appointment for Wednesday. Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with her about the Message of the Restoration. She seemed to take it all in very well and didn't have any questions when we asked. She said she would read the Book of Mormon and start saying her prayers every night. To conclude the lesson, we asked her to pray. She was really nervous at first and didn't know exactly how to. Sister Whitaker asked if she could say a prayer to show her how. Diana agreed and then said a prayer after Sister Whitaker said hers. Diana's prayer was so good! It was amazing to see her faith and willingness to say a prayer when she was so nervous to at first.

Sister Whitaker found her on Facebook the other day and asked how her Book of Mormon reading is going. Diana told her that she was reading some as she was talking with her and that she really liked it and that it was starting to open up her mind to the Savior's life. She also said she would try to come to church on Sunday if her parents would let her. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to make it on Sunday. And the other sad part is that we're not sure when we're going to see her again because she said she was really busy for like the next two months... Luckily though, Sister Whitaker found her on Facebook, so we'll try to stay in contact with her through that.

Our two other new investigators are Rosie and Sammy (12 & 10). They want to be baptized. We taught them on Wednesday as well. We're going to teach them again this coming Wednesday. They unfortunately couldn't come to church on Sunday either because they don't have a car or any other form of transportation to get them to the church... Our ward just needs a big van or a bus to pick up all of the members in Reading.

Mocha (one of our investigators who has a baptism date) came to church on Sunday, though! He said he really liked Sacrament meeting (until the high councilmen spoke). He also liked Sunday School, but for some reason he didn't like priesthood. We weren't able to talk to him after church, but we're meeting with him tonight so we'll ask him. Jacquie, a less active that we met with this week, also came to church. Jacquie is an interesting person with a lot of problems, but she's great and I just love her :). 

Friday we contacted a headquarters referral up in Shoemakersville. (There are some interesting town names out here.) He requested a Bible, but we decided that we were going to give him a Book of Mormon and a Bible. We told him a little bit about the Book of Mormon and he said that it sounded really interesting and that he would like to read it. We asked him if we could teach him more another time because he was sick and he agreed.

Miracles keep happening in this area, and I love it!

Saturday night the ward had an activity. This activity was a hay ride out at the Hassler's house way out in the boonies. We were very thankful that Sister Pogue was willing to drive us so we didn't have to use our miles. The activity was fun until it rained.... And then we decided to go home. 

Other than that, that's about it for my week. Fall weather is definitely here and I'm starting to get nervous for the winter weather... 

Well, I hope you are all doing well and loving life. Love you all! 

Sister Davis :)

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