Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September 3, 2013 Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day... a day late!

It sounds like you had a rainy Labor Day weekend. That's how it was here this weekend--kinda rainy. Happy Birthday Kelsie!! I hope you had a great day :).

I am so glad that you received Sister Pond's Facebook notification as well as the other emails from my mission. I was a little worried that you would be expecting an email from me yesterday and would wonder what happened to me. I forgot last week that Labor Day was this week, and we also didn't find out that our P-day had been switched until last Friday. Since there was no way I could tell you, I am very grateful that Sister Pond was willing to send that to you. Sister Pond is wonderful! This ward is great and has helped me to feel right at home.

Sister Davis and Sister Jensen in the Doylestown Ward

That's cool about Grandma's Relief Society thing [music program]and for Cody! Hopefully his visa will come soon! I have had two visa waiters in my district. The first one flew out with me and he left for Peru at the end of this transfer. The current visa waiter is serving in Brazil.

Someone did tell me that the church has produced a few new short clips. I haven't seen them yet, due to the fact that I don't have headphones and I have to wear them in the library... Hopefully though we'll get iPads. Those would be soooo helpful in our teaching! 

Well this week was quite interesting. Because we've had to go down to Philly so much this past month, we were SUPER low on miles. So, to save miles we walked on Tuesday and on  Saturday. That was not fun. I don't know how those missionaries do it that have to walk. My feet hurt so bad, I was hot and sweaty, and my knee was killing me. (A couple of weekends ago I was helping a family move and I did something to my knee. It doesn't bother me now, only when I walk for a long time.) But, I made it and we are definitely going to try to plan our miles out better this month. 

Wednesday we had Zone conference with four zones. It was really good and I learned some awesome new things about the doctrine of Christ and the invitation to be baptized. That night we met with Dan in the church building. Sister Nielson (who is wonderful) came with us. We first gave Dan a tour of the church because he was going to come to church this Sunday. He told us while giving him the tour that he felt good!  We taught him the Message of the Restoration and invited him to be baptized. He was a little taken back by this invitation, but he understood how important and serious of a commitment this was. He told us he wanted some time to think before he gave us an answer. Dan also came to church on Sunday and he seemed to have a good experience. He was fellowshipped very well and he participated a lot. We weren't able to talk with him after church, but our Ward Mission Leader gave him a ride home and said he would talk to him about it. 

This past week, we didn't meet with Ava and Sebastian, but we are meeting with them tonight! This will probably push back their baptismal date, but we're still really going to push for it to be at the end of this month! 

Yesterday for Sister Jensen's birthday we got to go to the Turdo home for dinner. They live at the very top of our area and are located right on the Delaware River. It was such a pretty drive. We definitely need to take that drive if we come back to visit Doylestown. 

On Friday we met with David to figure out what was bothering him. He basically told us that he has a problem with church because it is so family oriented and he doesn't have that "tie" with him at church. (His wife isn't interested.) He also has a problem with authority and rules in our church, and he also has a problem with violence and murder in the Book of Mormon. He was a correction officer and had some bad experiences with that that the Book of Mormon reminded him of. Basically, he doesn't have a testimony and he has been more into this intellectually rather than spiritually. Hopefully when we meet with him next week, we'll be able to help him build his faith in Christ as well as his testimony.

That's about all for my week. I hope you are all doing well and enjoying school! I love you all!

Sister Davis :)

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