Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9, 2013 The Lord Really Does Bless Us with Tender Mercies

Hey family!

How is everything? It sounds like Megan's pageant was...good? I'm sorry it was a little hectic. And for that rain?! That sounds like the rain out here, not Utah rain!! I guess there have been some answered prayers out west. 

As for my subject title, I have seen some tender mercies that the Lord has blessed me with this week. Yesterday at church, we had two investigators and a less active come to church! The investigators we had there were Dan and David. Now we knew that Dan was going to be there, but David was a complete surprise. Saturday we went to his house to help him move some stuff out of his living room for his new TV, but we didn't mention anything about church because he told us he didn't want to come anymore. What a wonderful surprise it was to see him walk into Sacrament meeting yesterday. Having Dan there was also a miracle. We also met with him on Saturday and he said that adjusting to three hours of church was a little difficult for him, but he said he would come to church again. Talking with Dan after church, he told us that every time he has come, he has found something that hits home for him! Hopefully we'll be able to continue to help him build a testimony. That's one thing I think our investigators are lacking--a testimony. Dan and especially David are investigating more intellectually than they are spiritually. I hope that the Lord will continue to bless them with spiritually experiences as well as revelation for us to know how to help them build their testimonies. 

As for the less active [sister]... Her name is Casey and she has some physical and mental disabilities. We meet with her every Thursday night and read the children's Book of Mormon or we've also taught her lessons from the Friend magazine. We've invited her to come to church several times and she often says she will, but on Saturday night when we call to make sure she's still coming she always has an excuse for why she can't. Something happened this week, though, because she didn't have an excuse. When she first came into church she said she shouldn't have come, but after church she said that she might come again next week! What little tender mercies these are! The Lord really does bless His children when they are diligently working.

Diligence and hard work are the key words there. This past week Sister Jensen and I met with Sister Broadband, a therapist/psychologist who works with LDS Family Services. I've been having a hard time staying diligent and having the desire to serve the Lord and do His work. A lot of this had to deal with homesickness, my lack of confidence, and being shy and not knowing what to say to my investigators to help them. She gave me a lot of advice to deal with my homesickness and insecurities. After meeting with her my whole perspective has changed towards this work. I am more willing to work hard and find people. I'm not completely over my insecurities, but my confidence has boosted quite a bit and I'm able to talk with more people and put my two cents in every once in a while :). The Lord is also blessing me with this. If it has taken me three months to get this far, I'm excited to see where I'll be after 18 months!

As for Ava and Sebastian, we set a baptismal date for them for the 28th of September! Their grandpa was super excited, but their mom was indifferent. She didn't oppose, but she also said that the weeks that she and her ex husband exchange the kids always changes. (Ava and Sebastian go to their dad's place every other weekend.) So, their grandpa said he would talk with their mom. They also didn't make it to church yesterday, so that may push back their baptismal date as well... 

Mom, you are not going to believe this! I got a memory foam topper for free!!! When we helped David move his stuff on Saturday, he gave me one of his memory foam toppers. He wasn't using it and they were just sitting in a room unused, so Linda and David insisted that I take it home. I didn't turn him down on that one. Thank you sooooo much for the package too!! You guys are the best! Sister Jensen loved the puzzle and she says thanks. Meggie you are so grown up! You look so pretty in your pictures! Thank you so much for the food and especially the Nutella. I've missed that a lot!

I'll send pictures next week. After we're done emailing, Sister Jensen and I are going on a tour in a "castle" here. Sister Jensen has wanted to tour this place ever since she's been here and I promised her we could go this week because she might be getting transferred this next week.

Well, I hope all is well and that life is good! I hope you've been able to see the Lord's tender mercies in your life this week. I love you all very much! Thank you for everything you do for me and your love and support! 

Sister Davis 

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