Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013 What a Weekend!

My dearest family,

This week has been good, but the weekend was crazy!! First of all to start it off, we had a zone conference in Philly on Friday with Elder Bowen from the Seventy. It was sooooo good!! He talked about how to distinguish between the Spirit and our own thoughts, miracles (faith and obedience), and who we are (House of Israel/gathering of Israel). Afterwards, we met with a new investigator named Rameses. Our district leader and his companion found him a couple of weeks ago when they were street contacting in our area. They referred him to us, so we contacted him the next day. Rameses was very interested, so we set up a time for this past Friday to meet with him. We had a lesson with him about the Book of Mormon and answered some other questions he had. He wanted to go to church this Sunday, but he wanted to go with the elders who found him first. (They attend the ward after the Doylestown ward.) So we told him he could. We then found out when we were leaving that he has schizophrenia. The elders said he loved church and had a really good time, though :).

Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, PA
built 1908-1912 of concrete by Henry Chapman Mercer

Saturday night we got our transfer calls. You're never going to believe this.....both of us are being transferred!! I was shocked that I was leaving too! We were both very concerned for all of our investigators because we weren't sure why we were both leaving and who would be coming back. Yesterday we found out from the Assistants to the President that our area is being "closed" for this transfer because they need a car elsewhere and because they feel that our members don't appreciate us. So, for six weeks it is up to the members to keep in contact with our investigators! I know they can do it if they'll set the time apart to. They really are a great ward. I'm going to miss this area. I didn't think that it would be so hard to leave an area after only being here for 2 1/2 months, but it is really hard. I love the people here and my investigators. I just hope the Lord will keep them in good hands! Wednesday morning we have our transfer meeting, so I'll find out then where I'm going. 

This past week we met with Ava and Sebastian twice! One of these lessons was the Law of Chastity... My first one and of course it had to be with a ten and eleven-year-old. Luckily though, the church makes awesome videos, so we showed them a video that talks about the Law of Chastity. This is another thing that is super hard about being transferred. Without the missionaries here to finish teaching them, they won't be able to be baptized :(. Hopefully the Jarrettown elders will be able to teach them. (Their grandpa lives in the Jarrettown ward.) Oh just a little tangent, Brother Luce, their grandpa, used to live in Mona! How cool is that? Anyway, if the elders do finish, hopefully I'll be able to come back for their baptism. 

Casey came to church again this week and so did David! This is another thing that's hard. We were beginning to see miracles happen here. Now we have to leave :(. I hope the ward will keep Casey and David coming, as well as Dan. 

Sister Davis and Robbyn

It sounds like you are all doing well and have your work cut out for you with the garden and canning! The weather over here is starting to cool off. Fall is definitely coming. Brother Lowe said that they've said this is going to be a very cold and long winter....... :/ Oh boy....

Well, I forgot my planner today, so I can't really remember anything else big that happened this week. I hope you are all doing well, and I'll let you know next week where I've been transferred to!

I love you all! Can't wait to hear from you!

Sister Davis :)

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