Monday, July 29, 2013

July 8, 2013

My Family!!

I am so glad to hear from you this week! It's been a little bit of a tough week, and I'm so glad to be able to hear from you. I didn't do a lot for the 4th. We woke up and did our regular routine: exercise, get ready for the day, breakfast, personal and comp study. Then we had district meeting at 10:30. We actually spent a good portion of our day in this meeting because our zone leaders came and did sisters accountability with us afterwards. (Sisters accountability is just making sure we're doing what we're supposed to be doing.) We were there until about 2:00. Afterwards, we went back to our apartment and had lunch and then we went to go visit Marla. Marla isn't really an investigator, but she has allowed the sister missionaries to come over and visit for a while now. She is Jewish but not really practicing. She'll still celebrate the holidays, but not really anything other than that. She's open to hearing about other religions, but she has a hard time accepting God because of her childhood. Marla grew up in a state of poverty with a mother who was never wrong. By the time she was 8, Marla was cooking and cleaning. Marla also witnessed an arsonist burn down her best friend's apartment building with her best friend and her family in it. Marla recognizes that we could have these trials to make us stronger, but she can't believe that God would allow them to happen.

Anyway, Marla wasn't working for the day because it was the fourth and so she was going to do some yard work. We went over in our service clothes to help her out, but she refused to let us help her. She says that we work hard all day long and that we don't need to do anymore work like that. So, we just visited instead and gave her a Restoration pamphlet. She said she would read it, so maybe hopefully something in there will spark her attention. After this, we went to visit Casey who is a less active. Sister Jensen believes that she has a mental problem and so when Casey was baptized, she wasn't really sure what she was doing I guess. I bought a children's B.O.M. story book in the MTC so I could read that to help me understand the stories in the B.O.M. better. Casey is also reading that book, so Sister Jensen thought it would be an excellent idea to read that with her. So, we did and she said we could come back next week to do it again. 

Most of our ward is on vacation right now which doesn't help when we need ward members to fellowship or come to lessons. It was a little tough for me last week because I'm getting frustrated with myself.  I'm still terrified to talk to people I don't know. Basically I just listen and say a couple of words when we talk with people. I'm trying to apply what I've learned in the MTC about just listening to people and then the Spirit will tell me what to say. Apparently I have not mastered this yet, because I still don't know what to say to people to tie our conversation back to the gospel and apply it to their lives.  

This morning in my personal study, I was studying the Christlike attribute of patience. One of the activities it listed was to read about the sons of Mosiah. One of the scriptures it listed was Alma 26:27. This scripture was an answer to my prayers and definitely a pick-me-up scripture that I needed to read. 

Well, I hope all of you are doing well. I can't wait to hear from you next week! Love you!!!


Sister Davis

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