Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Hello my family!

Saturday, Sister Jensen and I learned how to make bread and pulled out grape vines for Sister Bailey who is a less active. Sister Bailey is super talented and such a sweet elderly lady. Yesterday after church we had a linger longer and that was fun. Afterwards we taught the mission prep class for our ward. We taught the Plan of Salvation. Instead of teaching the doctrine, we asked the youth what they wanted to learn about this. They said they wanted to learn how to teach it, so we went that route. We hoped they got something out of it because they all looked bored... But maybe it's just that age group haha. We also met with Emilio yesterday and he is doing wonderful still. He told us that he needs more time before he is baptized, but he is still progressing and hasn't found anything that contradicts his beliefs or that he finds not true about our faith. He also told us that he told his wife about investigating the church and that he wanted to attend a Mormon church sometime. Surprisingly, his wife was okay with that. She told him that if that's what he wanted to do then she was okay with that! Oh my goodness! The Lord really does answer prayers! We're going to be able to meet with him again this coming weekend because he picked up another shift for someone else! Maybe he'll be able to commit to a baptismal date this time!

This week we didn't get to meet with Robbyn or Barbie. Barbie cancelled on us and Robbyn never returned our phone calls or texts... We also didn't meet with Tim and Janice yesterday because they cancelled. (Did I tell you about Tim and Janice?) We did however get to meet with David this week like we always do! David came to church yesterday, like he has every single week since I've been here, and he seemed to be very happy. His wife was in the hospital about two weeks ago. Last week when we met with him we asked if she would like a priesthood blessing. Because David's wife is not open to the idea of Christianity he was hesitant to ask her. However, when he asked her she said yes! But, she thought that Sister Jensen and I would give the blessing. When David told her that men would be giving her the blessing she didn't like that idea and said no. But at least she was open to having a priesthood blessing at first, right? Heavenly Father is starting to soften her heart :).

So guess what! You are not going to believe this! So on Saturday we had a dinner appointment at the relief society president's house. She made fish tacos and I actually liked them! Crazy huh?! It was tilapia and it didn't even taste like fish. When she first said we were having fish tacos my stomach dropped and I looked to make sure I had enough water haha. But, they were really good so I didn't even have to worry about it :P. Maybe my taste buds will change...

Other than that, there wasn't anything else too exciting this past week. We had six dinner or lunch appointments this past week which was awesome! This week is girls camp and scout camp, so I think we may have two dinner appointments, if that.

Guess what! I get to go to Philly this week for exchanges and I'm riding the train down! :D I am excited and very nervous at the same time. I guess the sisters that are down in Philly do go into the ghetto sometimes and not everyone is always nice in Philly like they are here in Doylestown, so I'm nervous about that. But I am excited to be able to be down in Philly! :) This past week I was on an exchange as well with Sister Meeks the sister training leader. You want to know something funny/kinda cool? She knows Josh and Kelsie haha. She went to Snow the year before I went and Josh and Kelsie were in her institute class. Sister Meeks was awesome though! I learned so much from her.  

Josh, do you remember her? Her first name is Brandi and she said she was in your courtship and marriage institute class.

Well, I hope you are all doing well and that you have a wonderful week! Thank you for all that you do! Love you all very much!

Sister Davis

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