Monday, July 29, 2013

July 22, 2013

Hello my family!

How was your week back in Utah? Hopefully a lot cooler than mine was... It was about high 90's every single day here with I think about 70-80% humidity! It was miserable!! I could definitely tell a difference this past week. Even the people that normally live here said it was unusually hot this past week. Yesterday and today it has rained which I am so thankful for! The amazing thing here when it rains it pours! Water is just running down the streets. I believe that is what a flash flood would be like. 

The Lord's work is really hastening and it's amazing! Yesterday, a less active sister that Sister Jensen and I have been visiting with about once every week and reading the Book of Mormon with came to church! Her name is Sister Bailey and she's seventy something. She's a retired Marine and has been widowed for a few years now. Sister Jensen says that she hasn't been to church for a while because church reminds her of her husband and it's hard for her to go. So, it was so wonderful to see her at church yesterday! She's also going to help us make bread, and guess what? She mixes her dough by hand!

This week was just another "normal" week--teach investigators, try to contact potentials, and find new people to teach.  However, I have been really working on just loving my comp. and it has worked! Wednesday we went down to Philly to have Golden Retraining. This is where all the new missionaries and their trainers meet with President Anderson and the assistants just to kind of check up and see how we're doing. It was kind of like a zone conference. Thursday we had district meeting and then we went out as a district for lunch. Wednesday night we had a dinner appointment at the Pagatto's home. (Yes, they're Italian) We had steak, potatoes, and corn on the cob! It was sooo good! :) Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you, but for every dinner appointment I've had so far we have not had sea food or cheese cake! I'm loving it here in Doylestown :) hehe

Yesterday we met with Barbie. I think I told you about her last week and how she said she was uncomfortable with us coming over. Well, she let us come over to visit with her yesterday. She still seemed a little uncomfortable, but once we started talking she warmed up a little more. Hopefully we'll be able to keep her and not scare her off again. She has the cutest baby though! He is 17 months old and so adorable. :)

You want to know something else that's pretty cool? Well, Elder Causse in the General Presiding Bishopric or maybe the 70, (I can't remember which one) his son, Elder Causse, is my zone leader! How cool is that? Oh and yes he's from Paris!

Talking with people is slowing coming. Sister Jensen says I'm doing awesome, but I don't know about that. I still can't talk to new people I meet, but being able to talk with our investigators is starting to become easier :). I just need to keep being patient and it will come. This week we have exchanges and I'm a little nervous for them just because I'm going to be with a new comp. and I don't know exactly how she teaches and if she's a talker. This is going to be interesting, but I'm sure a great experience. 

I hope all is well for you back home! I love you very much! Have an awesome week!

Sister Davis :)

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