Monday, July 29, 2013

July 15, 2013

My Family!!

Oh how I love you all so much! Mom and dad, Happy Anniversary!!  I got the package you sent today and I love it so much. Thank you! You know, yesterday for a treat in Relief Society, our teacher made fudge and I was thinking how I wanted more. Thank you for the fudge! And for everything else.

Mom, to answer your questions, we do laundry in the basement of our apartment. We go to a different building in our complex because there are two washers and dryers rather than just one like in our building. Plus, it smells a little better in the other building's basement than ours (ours flooded a little over a week ago).   

For P-days we start off the day like we normally would--exercise, get ready, breakfast, then personal study and companion study an hour each. Ten is when P-day officially begins so we usually go grocery shopping then and then we clean our car. Then we'll go back to our apartment do laundry and clean and of course have lunch. Then we'll come to the library and email and afterwards we'll go back to our apartment and either write letters or do whatever until six. That's when P-day ends. So, we'll go out and find people/visit people until nine.

Sister Jensen is really nice and caring. Sister Jensen is very knowledgeable of the Book of Mormon which is very helpful because that is somewhere I lack, but I'm working on it :). She is a talker too. Like I've told you, she mainly talks/teaches the lessons and I put my two cents in every once in a while. This is another area where I am weak, but I'm trying to work on it. She has a hard time trusting that she's being guided by the Spirit, but I can definitely tell that she is. I told her this and that she just needs to trust that. 

This week has been a roller coaster week. Tuesday morning I had a complete melt down. So, Sister Jensen called our district leaders and asked if they could give us a blessing. They did and then my day started to get better. The rest of the week was okay. We tried contacting people, but people were either not home or just not interested. Friday we were supposed to meet with Barbie (she was the one who said yes to baptism my first week here) but she never got back with us. We didn't meet with her last week either. We were supposed to meet with Robbyn (I believe I told you about her. She works at the same boys home that Barbie does.) on Sunday (yesterday) and so we texted and called her and didn't hear back from her until the night before. She sent us a text saying that Barbie was uncomfortable with us coming over to her house and that she still wanted to meet with us, but since we were meeting at Barbie's house, she didn't want to overstep her boundaries. She also said that if we were just coming over to convert her, she was happy with her own religion.  We were a little disappointed with that, especially Sister Jensen. I really wasn't worried that much about it. I knew that Heavenly Father would help out with this, but this was just a trial that we needed to work through to help us grow. Luckily though, Barbie let us come over to visit with Robbyn yesterday and we talked with her for a while and cleared up some things. Robbyn wasn't scared off by us, I guess it was just Barbie. Barbie did text us last night though saying that we could come over on Friday. :)

Also Saturday night, we saw Emilio (the security guard at the retirement home). Did I tell you about him? I honestly don't remember who I've told you about and who I haven't. If I didn't tell you about him, remind me next week. He is as golden as golden gets for investigators, meaning he is so prepared and ready for baptism. So, we talked with him for a little bit, followed up with his B.O.M reading, and set up a time to meet with him on Sunday (yesterday). I invited him to read 2 Nephi 31 to answer his question as to what he needs to do next, or what God wants him to do next. So, we met with him on Sunday after church. He had read this chapter and loved it because it was straight forward and didn't beat around the bush at all. We started off teaching him the message of the restoration, but he told us that he already knew that God loved him and how this could help his family. So, I thought that maybe the plan of salvation would be beneficial, so we started with that route, but ended up at baptism and the proper priesthood authority. Emilio was raised Catholic, so he was baptized as a baby, but he totally disagreed with that. He asked though if this baptism was valid and that's how we got into the proper priesthood authority. I was scared at first because I didn't know how to answer this question without saying "no it's not valid" if you know what I mean... But luckily, Heavenly Father has prepared him so much that he understood what we were talking about, I think, and just wanted to do what God wanted him to do. So, if God wanted him to be baptized again, he said he would do it!! The only problem he is concerned about is his wife and family. Hopefully Heavenly Father will soften their hearts! We invited him to come to church on Sunday. We were a little hesitant to ask him to come with us to church because he lives in the Poconos which is 70 miles from Doylestown. We weren't sure where a church would be up there, so we still invited him to come with us. He said if God wants him to, then he would drive all that way to come to church at our building! He still needed to think and talk it over with his wife though, but hopefully he comes! He is so totally prepared and he is also feeling the Spirit while we're meeting with him!  He says he always feels good after talking with us and that he could talk with us for hours. Another thing that is pretty cool is that he says that he has trust issues, but that he feels comfortable with us and that he trusts us. :) Oh Heavenly Father is amazing!

David is another one of our investigators who has been an investigator for a very long time. Friday night he went to the Hill Cumorah Pageant in NY! He drove 6 hours just to see this! We were so happy when he called us to tell us that he was up there. Last Tuesday, I invited David to be baptized, which was probably like the sixth time he's been invited. He wants to be baptized, but his wife is the problem... We'll keep praying for them though. 

Sister Davis :) 

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