Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 27, 2014 It's soooo COLD!!! :(

Hey everyone!

So, not too much has happened this week. Due to the huge snow storm we had on Tuesday and the cold temperatures we've had this week, we stayed inside most of the week. 

Tuesday we did see Hilary, though, and it was a pretty good lesson. We taught her the Plan of Salvation and she had quite a few questions. She mostly was concerned that there wasn't a hell like it talks about in the Bible, and she was also concerned about the three kingdoms of glory because she didn't know of anywhere that it talks about those in the Bible. We did show her 1 Cor. 15, though, and she accepted it. That's what I love about Hilary is that she is so teachable and willing to learn. She progressing really well, too. Her husband is holding her back, though. We also saw her on Friday night. We had F.H.E. with Sister Moore and her kids and we went to Hilary's house to do it. We talked to her about her husband and she said that he just doesn't really want to learn and that he wants to stick to what they already believe... We'll keep praying that his heart will soften! Oh, I forgot to mention that we had to walk to Hilary's house because we couldn't make it up the hill in our car.

Sister Moore with Sister Carrigan and Sister Davis
Wednesday night we went to the young women's activity and taught them some things about missionary work. We even had them role play! It was really cool to see them all role playing and recognizing that missionary work really isn't that hard.

We also saw Lilly on Wednesday and taught her the Plan of Salvation as well. Lilly is more quiet than Hilary, so it's harder to measure her understanding because she doesn't ask questions, but she is keeping her commitments which is awesome! She has a hard time reading, but she is trying to read which is awesome!

Yesterday we contacted a referral that was given to us by one of the members in this ward. She was a super nice lady but the only problem that she had was that her husband is "Catholic." She set up a return appointment though with us because she was interested, but she said that she would have to run it by her husband first.

Pancake breakfast

Other than those, that's about all the highlights I can think of for this week. I hope you are all doing well and staying warm! Thanks for all you do!

Have a happy birthday this week dad! I love you!

Love you all!

Sister Davis

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