Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 The Priesthood is Awesome!

Hey family!

Tuesday this week was by far the coldest day I've had out here! It was 13 degrees and below all day long with a wind chill of 20 below! Oh it was so cold! Humidity is the worst! I'm glad we don't have too much humidity in Utah.

Friday it decided to snow a little bit and then Saturday it decided to rain a ton and cause some flooding! Today is 55 degrees and sunny. The weather here is like Utah weather, but maybe even more weird...

Sister Davis and Sister Carrigan

We picked up two new investigators and will hopefully get another couple this week. (We only count them as new investigators after we have taught them a principle from one of the lessons we taught and they accept a return appointment.) One of the two is Lilly whom I believe I told you a little about her last week. She made it to church this week and we are going to see her again on Wednesday! The other is Hilary who I also told you about last week. She is a young, brand new mom (she has a 1 month old) who believes very strongly in the Apocrypha and Old Testament. She has a strong belief and testimony in Christ and the gathering of Israel. She didn't really seem to have any problems or concerns but she didn't make it to church this week because she wants us to teach her again and to do some research before she comes to church. She was really nice, though. We're going to see her again on Tuesday.  

We have an appointment this week with a lady named Katherine. We tracted into her a few weeks ago when trying to see a less active in our ward. She told us that she would like to re-strengthen her relationship with God, but she has agoraphobia. We have been over a couple of times to check up on her, and we actually have an appointment with her this coming Wednesday! She is also a young mom and such a sweet girl. 

Hungry, Sister Davis??
Another little miracle happened this week. We were invited over to a member's home for dinner who has never invited us or the elders over (as far as I know). We taught their 7-year-old son who is going to be baptized the beginning of February about baptism. I think he has a little crush on us because they invited us over for dinner again next week because their son really wanted us to come again. 

Last night we had the temple site missionaries up at our building for a temple fireside. It was neat to be able to see some pictures of what the Philly temple is supposed to look like inside. I also got a piece of the granite that they had to break out in order to build the parking garage below the temple. (They like to say that the temple is built on a rock.) This fireside really made me miss the temple. I can't wait until I can go again. Oh and they said the temple should be finished in summer of 2016. Maybe we should come back and visit then. 

With darling Dee

Alright, so beside of all of these miracles, I have had a pretty rough week. Sister Carrigan has this amazing gift to teach people and to speak. That is definitely not one of my strengths, but I really wish it was. So, long story short, I've been struggling with that just about all transfer long, but this week was pretty bad. Satan really got to me and pulled me down. I got a blessing yesterday and it was a powerful blessing. It was definitely what I needed. I am so grateful for the priesthood! It is awesome! 

So Josh, another crazy story for ya: 

An elderly couple in the ward I'm serving in invited us over for dinner one night. (They're on this special Hollywood diet where they eat spaghetti every Wednesday night and they always invite us over on Wednesdays.) A few minutes after we got there, our sweet hostess told us that she found a dead mouse on her floor when she went to grab the spaghetti. She also found a hole that was chewed out in the spaghetti box... Her husband (who is a little autistic) told her that it would be fine to still eat... So, she still made us the spaghetti that the mouse got into! She also attempted to make to make mashed potatoes one time, but she added too much milk so it was more like soupy potatoes. I love them! Every dinner appointment with them is an adventure ;)  

The Hazard family
Well, that's about it for my week. I hope you are all doing well! Love you!

Sister Davis

P.S. Transfers are next week. I'll get the call on Friday night! This time I have no idea what is going to happen! 

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