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January 20, 2014 Staying in Reading!

Hey fam!

So guess what?! I am going to stay another transfer in Reading which means I will be serving in Reading for six months by the time this transfer ends! Yay! I love Reading. Sister Carrigan is also staying with me! Next transfer will be interesting to see who gets transferred because it will be Sister Carrigan's second to last transfer but missionaries in this mission usually don't serve in an area longer than 6 months either... So I guess we'll find out what happens in another 6 weeks!

Reading 1st District saying goodbye to Elder Pedersen

This week we saw Hilary and had an awesome Book of Mormon lesson with her. Sister Moore came and they seemed to connect really well. After we went through the intro with her and explained that we weren't taking away from the Bible she completely accepted the Book of Mormon and said that she would like to come to church! Unfortunately though, her husband wouldn't let her come to church yesterday. Hilary is golden, though, and has been crazy prepared for the gospel. We'll just have to pray really hard for her husband's heart to soften!

We also saw Lilly this week and she's doing pretty good. She's noticed a change in herself that she doesn't swear as much anymore or lose her temper with co-workers which is great! She also wasn't able to come to church this week because she had her grandson's birthday party, but she said she's coming next week!

We saw Isatu twice this week and she's moving right along. Her baptism date is for February 8th which is really exciting! She's doing a lot better with her Book of Mormon reading. She still doesn't understand everything, but she's trying to. When we saw her on Saturday night we found a note card in her copy of the Book of Mormon with different words on it. Sister Carrigan asked her what that was for and she told us that she writes down words that she doesn't understand while reading the B.O.M. and asks her sister to define them for her! That is a miracle! When we first starting teaching her I would have never thought Isatu would read the Book of Mormon! She expresses to us all the time her thanks and how she enjoys having us over!

On Saturday we stopped by a less active, Nikki, who we have been trying to contact forever but still hadn't been able to. Apparently she's always home, but she never hears the door, so we banged on her door this time. She still didn't answer so we went back to our car. We were sitting in our car when I looked over and saw a women standing on her porch talking to her neighbor. I jumped out of the car and asked if she was Nikki. She said yes and invited us in. We talked to her for a while and invited her to come to church. She said that she really wanted to come, but had no way to get there because she doesn't have a car. We arranged a ride for her and she came to church yesterday! (She hasn't been to church in 8 years.) We're also going over to teach F.H.E with her and her family on Wednesday this week.

This week we went to Institute and we had the lesson on Jacob 5. The teacher had us think of the olive tree as ourselves rather than the traditional gathering of Israel stuff. I really liked how she did this and applied the Atonement in it too. This lesson completely changed my perspective on Jacob 5 and I love it!

On exchange with Sister Jensen in Reading 2nd Ward

So, crazy story this week. The Spanish elders gave us a referral to contact down in Reading. We went to the house and found out that the lady didn't even live there. We stood at the bottom of the porch for a little bit to check our voice mail just to make sure that we had the right house number. All of a sudden a lady opened the door next to the one we just knocked on and invited us in after Sister Carrigan asked her if she was Janet (the referral's name). She nodded and gave us a hug. We sat down on her couch and started to talk to her. She didn't say anything and then she started to sign to us (she's deaf). We were a little confused how the elders talked to her, so we tried to write a note so she could read it. She couldn't so she went upstairs and got the man that lived there who only spoke Spanish. By this time we had no idea how we were going to communicate with anyone. So we called the Spanish elders and had them talk to the man. Turns out that wasn't the lady that the elders talked to. We think she may have thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses. We left them with a Restoration pamphlet and DVD after the deaf lady pulled out her Jehovah Witness movies and tried to explain to the man that the Spanish elders would come by later to pick up the pamphlet. Oh boy that was quite the experience!

Hagen Dazs and Crazy PJ's with Sister Davis and Sister Carrigan

Well, it sounds like you have had a fun busy week. I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for everything! Love you all! :)

Sister Davis

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