Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August 5, 2013

Hello family!

I cannot believe I have been out for one whole transfer now! And yes to answer your questions, I am staying in Doylestown with Sister Jensen. :) Both the of the Elders companionships in my district will have new companions, though. 

This past weekend in Philly was crazy but fun! On Friday we took the train down to Philly. We had to take a shuttle bus from the Doylestown train station to the Colmar station (I'm not really sure what town that one is in) because they were doing track work. Once we boarded the train a collector came by to collect our money. We engaged in a brief conversation and he proceeded to tell us that his wife is a minister and he appreciates our work. He was a very kind black man. It was about an hour train ride just because we had to make all the stops. I think of it like a subway but above ground. We arrived in North East Philly and exchanged companions. The sisters I switched with were in a trio, so I was able to be in a trio for a day. Luckily the sisters had their car this week so we didn't have to wait forever for a bus to come. (They switch off every other week with the other sister companionship in Philly with the car.) We first went to the Elders' area in their ward (They have three sets of missionaries in their ward! Crazy!) to see some less-active single sisters that their bishop asked them to visit to see if they even still lived there. This was an area of Philly that is very dirty (trash is everywhere) and I was a little scared. There are also a ton of condemned homes among the row homes. We didn't come in contact with any of the single sisters we were looking for, but we found that some of them had moved. After we went back to the apartment to have dinner, we went to ride the bus. They ride the bus around town at night just to contact people. We waited for about 10 minutes and the bus never came. It was 8:45, so we decided to go back for the night. That night the sisters received their transfer calls. 
Row Houses in Northeast Philadelphia

The next morning, they had their ward coordination meeting with all of the missionaries in their ward and their ward mission leader. That took most of the morning. We then went to visit other less-active sisters. We came in contact with one sister who actually was active, but we visited for a little bit and then went on our way. By this time it was time for us to get our train ride back to Doylestown. When we got on the train, the same collector that collected Sister Jensen's and my money before was on that train and he remembered me! Small world :P.
Sister Watson, Sister Davis & Sister Hyatt on exchanges in Philadelphia

It is a completely different world in Philly. This was an awesome experience, though, being able to serve down there for a day. I think I would really like to serve there.

This past Thursday night we received an eight page text from Emilio. When we saw him on Sunday we gave him a Restoration DVD. He had watched that DVD on Thursday night and had an emotional experience while watching it! He told us that he immediately knelt down in prayer and told Heavenly Father that he thirsted and hungered for Him and His Spirit and power. He proceeded to tell us that he had never felt God's grace that strongly before. He asked us if it would be alright if he shared that DVD with his wife and sons! He then thanked us and told us how excited he was to continue on this journey. :)

This was a miracle and such a testimony builder for me! Especially since Emilio has investigated just about every church and has never had an experience like this before with any other church. The church is true! :)

We met with our ward mission leader on Saturday night and were actually able to talk about missionary work with him and who we've been seeing. The couple other times I've met with him it has been to discuss the Grange Fair which is like a county fair but we have a booth where we are going to talk about preparedness. We'll have Spiritual preparedness and temporal preparedness (72 hour kits and food storage). This is supposed to be a missionary effort to receive referrals, but I guess since this fair is in Morrisville, the Doylestown ward doesn't really receive many referrals. Anyway, the ward mission leader is pretty stressed about this and mainly focused on that since it's in two weeks. 

If you have questions let me know! I love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Davis

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