Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

How is everyone? I'm emailing super early today because we are having zone unity. Elder Causse [Zone Leader] is going home this week... So, sorry if I missed you today. I hope you are all doing well!
This week we picked up two new investigators! They were the kids I was telling you about last week. Their names are Sebastian and Ava and they both are very excited to be baptized. Their mom is a member but has become less active. She owns a Rita's which is like a snow cone/slushy kind of place. They call it Italian ice and they also have snow cones that have custard in the middle like snow creams. Rita's is a BIG thing out here, I guess. There's one on every corner. Apparently there's one opening in Utah - I think in Sandy. It's pretty good though :). Anyway, I guess their mom is too busy running Rita's to come to church, but she sat in with us when we gave the lesson last week and she was fine with them wanting to be baptized. She's a very nice lady. Their dad, on the other hand, is Catholic (their parents are divorced, mom remarried). We're not sure how he will feel about them wanting to be baptized, but their grandpa and mom want them to be baptized before going back to school which is the day after Labor Day! We have a lot of work to do in the next couple of weeks!
Wednesday night we stopped by a potential in our area book that the previous elders had found. (There were elders in my area a few years ago.) His name is Dan O'Brian and he was a really nice and cool guy. We set up a time to meet with him on Saturday. So, on Saturday we met with him at Starbucks... Great place to meet, right?  The Princes (members in our ward) came along, too. Dan is very interested in talking about other religions and seeing what their perspectives are. Basically, we just got to know him and what his beliefs are, and the Princes were great. Overall, it went very well and he said he would like to meet with us again sometime this week. Brother Prince suggested meeting at their home this next time or even at the church. The reason we met at Starbucks was because he doesn't have a car and it was close to where he lives. The Princes also offered to give him a ride. We left him with a B.O.M. and invited him to read the intro, the testimonies, and Moroni 10:3-5. He seemed pretty interested, so hopefully he'll keep that commitment.
Friday we went to the Grange Fair. (I think I told you a little about that last time.) It was a County Fair and it reminded me of the fair mixed with the rodeo. They had the same carnival rides there as well as all the animals. We spent two hours there. It wasn't super busy and we didn't talk with a lot of people. Well, Sister Jensen didn't. I hardly talked. I had a bad headache and I felt a little nauseous so I just kind of sat there the entire time. It didn't help either that I left my water in the car... 
Saturday and Sunday we had Stake Conference at Pennypack which is in north Philly. The whole theme was missionary work and trying to get the members involved. On Sunday the missionaries in the stake were asked to sing with the youth choir, so we had to be there at 7:15 a.m. to practice. (It started at 9 a.m.) Because it takes about an hour to get to Pennypack, I had to wake up at 5 a.m., and we were also taking some elders with us because they are almost out of miles. So, we were supposed to meet them at the church at 6! Also, the night before we didn't get into bed until about 11:30 because we got back from the adult session of stake conference so late... Needless to say, I was exhausted yesterday. Anyway, stake conference was awesome and I hope the members take what they learned and apply it! We need help from the members!
Last night we had a dinner at the Vallette's and we had waffles. A tradition they have in their home is to put ice cream on their waffles :). They also had syrup too if we didn't feel like being adventurous. Well, I decided to be adventurous and try it. It was delicious! I had chocolate marshmallow ice cream and it was really good. :)
I keep forgetting to tell you this, but I just remembered. At the gas station that we use, the station attendants fill up the car with gas for you! How cool is that?! Haha! It's silly I know, but I like it. Maybe just because I'm lazy...
Have a wonderful week! I love you all! :)
Sister Davis

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