Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 Where has the year gone? It's almost half over!

Hey family!

What a crazy week! I can't believe that June is already here and that next week I will hit my year mark! Crazy! Anyway, I know you are all dying to know who my new companion is and what all the details are, so I guess I'll tell you. As you saw on FB Sister Bernards is my new comp. We actually came out together and she was in my MTC district! It was a dream of ours to become companions in the field and look what happened! She will hit her year mark with me next week and she is from Layton, UT. She did a year at BYU-I before coming out and wants to go into elementary education. She has two older brothers and a younger sister who is Megan's age. Her dad is the stake president. Um well, that's all I can think of right now. Any other questions let me know.

As for my new mailing address, I'm not going to give it to you because the elders said that sometimes they wouldn't get their mail. (We live above the garage of the house in front of us, so I think the mail carriers get a little confused sometimes because they are the same house number.) So, if you'll just send it to the mission office that would be great! I'll be going down to Broomall every other week for district meetings now, so it won't take too long to get my mail.

721 Paxon Hollow Rd.
Suite B
Broomall, PA 19008

So, like I said before, this week has been crazy! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we spent doing a lot of cleaning. Monday was for my old apartment in Phoenixville and Tuesday and Wednesday was for my "new" apartment. Since Elders have lived in the apartment we moved into, we needed to do some deeper cleaning. (They liked to clean around things rather than move them and clean.) This apartment is not as nice as my one in Phoenixville, but it is starting to grow on my since we've rearranged things and made it home. We also were very grateful for our apartment when we went into Norristown the other day to try to find some people. (Norristown reminds me of Reading--a poorer area) We've spent most of the other days trying to get familiar with this side of the ward--getting to know the ward members over here in the Bridgeport/Norristown area as well as finding the investigators and other people the elders were working with. Not anything overly amazing here this week. I think it will be great to have Sister Bernards here, though, to bump up our lessons. I've never had more than 12 in one week and she has had a record of 40! So, she will definitely help me to build my faith and know that we can get that many lessons, too! 

Mom, I'm glad that you read that CES devotional talk by Elder Ballard! (See ) It is so good, and we actually talked about it on Tuesday night at Institute and I gained some new insights from it. We talked a lot about the meditating/pondering section that Elder Ballard talks about. Brother Muldowney is the teacher and it is amazing. He is soooo knowledgeable in the scriptures it is crazy! I learned so much about pondering. Something I learned is that it is not good to ponder about anxieties or worries of the world, but we should be pondering on things that are of good report, lovely, virtuous, honest, praiseworthy, pure, true, etc. because if we are distracted by these worldly anxieties, it makes it harder to hear the voice of the Lord. I also learned how vital pondering is. Some of the greatest revelations/knowledges we have received are from those who have pondered.

Sounds like you are going to have a busy summer! I hope Megan has a fun time at EFY. I can't believe that she is a high schooler now! Ahhh!

So, I am emailing on my iPad today so I'm not going to be able to send pictures. I'll send some next week though!

Well, that's about it for my week! I hope you all have a fantastic week! Love you all!

Sister Davis :)

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