Monday, May 19, 2014

May 19, 2014 What an Interesting Week!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone has had a great week! Mine has been very interesting. A lot of highs and lows for this week.  


First of all, we had some awesome lessons set up for this week, but a lot of them fell through—one of them being my fault because I told him the time, but didn't tell him the location, so he just assumed that the appointment wasn't going to happen... Frustrating.

Secondly, Femi is having a very hard time. He doesn't want to meet with us right now to be retaught or be involved with any other church activities or responsibilities. He said he will come to church, but that he doesn't want to be involved with anything else right now. He is going through a state of depression and severe stress with his family's visas not going through for the second time. We were informed yesterday that his wife doesn't want to try anymore and that the next possible date for them to come or him to go back to Africa would be December 2015 or April 2016! He is having a really hard time being away from his family and that is one reason, I think, that church is hard for him right now. He has also been advised to rest and stay clear of anything that would cause him to be psychologically disabled. Please pray for him! It makes me sad to see him go through this right now. :(  

Thirdly, I found out that David (convert from Doylestown) isn't as involved with church anymore because his wife is making suicidal threats towards his Christianity....  

Oh Satan, why?!  

Sister Hanson and Sister Davis find the end of the rainbow

Oh and transfer calls come this weekend.... We're kind of thinking that Sister Hanson might leave because she has been here for six months now. But I guess we will see. I'll let you know next week!  

Besides all of these lows for the week, my week has been rather good, too!  


Firstly, Lisa and Randy (two of our investigators) are going to be baptized next Monday evening! A couple Sundays ago, they had set up an appointment to meet with our bishop and we had no idea about it. When we met with them later that week, they told us about the appointment and had an appointment with the stake president all set up. Yesterday at church, our stake president pulled us aside asked us if we felt Lisa was ready and then informed us that the baptism will be next week. (They're going to Lake Tahoe for the summer on the 29th, so that is why it is rushed!) We are so excited, and now we just have to finish teaching them this week. I guess I'm just meant to have last minute baptisms!

Randy and Lisa

Secondly, we found a new investigator this week! Her name is Janice and she is just the sweetest lady. Right now she is in a rehabilitation center, which is great because that means she can't go anywhere ;). Just kidding. But she really is a very sweet lady and I hope she gets baptized!  

Thirdly, we met the cutest elderly couple that lives in the same rehabilitation center as Janice. They are members but are less active because of the situation they are in right now. They had a lot of great stories to tell, and we found out that Sister Funk is from Spain but grew up in Northern Africa in Algeria, I believe, because her parents were asked to help colonize the French colony there, so she speaks French. I was fascinated by her.  

All week long there was a fair going on that was called the Dogwood Festival. Saturday there was a parade for this festival and Sister Hanson and I walked around and passed out pass-along cards to those watching the parade. It was a fun parade and, for the most part, people took our cards!  

And that's about it, or all I can remember that happened this week. Days are all blending together how and I am forgetting a lot of things!  

Well, I hope you have a marvelous week! Love you all!  


Sister Davis :)

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